Perhaps we can all learn a little from two boys on the Benson Bruins.

Todd Allred and Donovan Shaw play on the same youth football team in Renton, but because of the size of the large organization, they didn’t know each other all that well. As a result of their hard work, their coaches wanted to reward the team with a trip to Century Link Field for the Seahawks' final preseason game.

But that’s where the problem came in.

A large number of coaches and chaperones took the boys to the game, but Todd’s dad was attempting to join them after work. Unfortunately, work went a bit late and he hit a little traffic, so he wasn’t able to make it at the start of the game. Seven-year-old Todd was a bit upset.

"I was like, ‘So he’s going to be there first and then I’m going to come up,'" Todd said. "He was just not there and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.'"

But that’s where Donovan came in to help a fellow teammate.

As Todd stood with tears in his eyes, Donovan called him over and comforted him for 20 minutes while Todd waited for his dad to arrive.

“He was feeling bad,” Donovan said. “You can treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Chelsea Burke was a few rows back with her camera. She captured a heartwarming moment that shows Donovan putting his arm around an emotional Todd.

“I had to take a picture it was the sweetest thing ever,” Burke said. “They were smiling. They were playing. They were having like the best time ever. Any fear, any caution that the little boy had was gone.”

Donovan’s kind gesture was noticed by the Seahawks. Radio host Gee Scott let the team know about the kind act.

“I reached out to the Seattle Seahawks and they were like ‘Hey No problem let’s get him to a game’. So I was able to get them to the Rams game. I got them two tickets, I got them sideline passes, I got them parking and a $100 gift card to the Seahawks pro shop,” Scott said. “I believe this young man’s parents have been doing a great job of raising this young man to do the right thing and I hope this inspires others, not just other children to do the right thing, I hope it inspires other adults to do the right thing.”

“I’m glad that he’s that way. I’m glad that he’s a caring person because that’s what the world needs right now,” said Donovan’s mom, Dana Clarks. “I feel like I’m raising him right and that’s what everyone has been saying.”

Todd’s stepmom agrees.

“It’s really sweet that this kid took the time out of his day, and out of his experience, to make sure the experience of his friend was just as good,” Hannah Markham said.

In the end, both moms hope there are lessons everyone can learn from these two boys.

“This is what the world needs, is more love. We lost it and I don’t know how, but we need to get it back,” Clark said.