HOUSTON - Wedding bells are set to ring Saturday. Nearly 30,000 American couples are expected to wed on what is said to be the most popular wedding day of 2018.

The date, 8-18-18, is a palindrome, which is a a word, phrase or sequence that reads the same backward as forward.

The owners of Three Brothers Bakery, Bobby and Janice Jucker, were married on a memorable date: 9-7-97.

Yet the owners, who will crank out about a dozen wedding cakes for Saturday, said 8-18-18 slipped their mind.

"We’re busy. We’re busy tomorrow, and I never really thought about the dates," Bobby Jucker said.

The Knot, a popular wedding website, estimates nearly 4 million guests will attend nearly 30,000 weddings across the U.S. Saturday. An estimated $1 billion will be spent on gifts and attire.

"Not too many people want to get married outside in August," said Karen Keesler with One Stop Tents & Events in Webster.

She has about four weddings to tent Saturday. It's about average for the Webster business, because 8-18-18 or not, not many would like to get married outside on a 95-degree day in Houston.