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Ciscoe says plant greens now for plenty of fresh fall salads

What you need to know, plus one hack that'll have you eating fresh greens in just a couple days. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Seattle gardening guru Ciscoe Morris says if you want to enjoy delicious salads, you have to grow your own greens. And he said that right now, late August into September is the perfect time to plant a fall crop of greens in the garden. They'll thrive in cooler weather and maybe even enjoy some late-season sprinkles. 

First, fertilize. “Never skimp on organic fertilizer. This is a 5-5-5 you want to use about a cup per 10 row feet, sprinkle it on, work it in evenly, you don’t wanna work it in that deep. And I always wanna make sure it’s good and smooth,” he said.

Second, read the seed package instructions, planting depths vary for certain seeds. Ciscoe likes to plant seeds in rows, so that he can easily recognize and pull weeds. He also plants them close, then thins plants to the distance the package recommends after the sprouts have gotten two to four inches high.

“And you can even eat the little babies that's the best thing about it!” said Ciscoe. 

Be sure to use markers, and Ciscoe has one trick to making sure you are eating salad even before your seeds come up: “The nurseries are carrying lettuce and other salad greens right now. You could buy these and plant 'em, you'll be eating these in a couple of days.  I start picking off the leaves, I never harvest the whole thing, I just eat individual leaves - so you'll be eatin' these for quite a while and by the time you’re done with these, all those seedlings will have come up and you'll be chomping down on those!”

After planting the seeds, and your lettuce starts from the nursery, there’s one more job. Water everything in. It’s been a dry year, so water daily, and even twice daily if we get another hot spell.

“But that's all you gotta do, and I'll be eating homegrown salads in no time!”

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