The minute you walk into Jeff and Amy Margolis's shop along Highway 9 in rural Whatcom County, you realize it isn't just some roadside convenience store.

What convenience store has an annual cheese festival and offers free samples of Sicilian Jack and Lanjager sausage?

It's located in the tiny town of Van Zandt and it is Everybody's.

Everybody's Store was named by one of the couple's daughters because of their philosophy to treat everybody equally.

It's a mom & pop shop where people are treated like family.

"People come back here and tell us they've been bringing their children and grandchildren," says Jeff, fighting back tears. "That's what we set out to do, to establish a sense of place and identity."

But now, everything must go at Everybody's Store.

After 48 years in business, Jeff and Amy are closing the doors December 31.

"This has been an absolute labor of love," says Jeff. "We have been swimming upstream all the way."

For the Margolis family, though, it has never been about making money.

They opened the store to better their community.

The Margolises were pioneers in the organic food movement, bringing it to their small town years before there was anything called Whole Foods.

They help run the community hall. 

They've been very active in local politics, fighting against coal trains and nuclear plants.  Jeff made an unsuccessful run at public office, and even founded Van Zandt's community radio station.

But the music's over.

The modern day economics of competing with the Costcos of the world just don't add up anymore.

"No matter how hard we try, our customers can still go to Costco and get twice as much for half the money," says Jeff.

And while he never expected to get rich running a country store, Jeff can't help but quote Tevye, a character he played in the local production of Fiddler on The Roof.

"Dear, God. What would be so terrible if I had a small fortune? If I were a rich man...."

But at the end of the day, Jeff Margolis is a rich man.

The store helped him raise two great kids.

This weekend he and Amy celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary.

And at Everybody's Store, nobody can ask for more than that.

"We've kept the faith. That's been our mission," says Jeff, tears welling once again in his kind eyes. "That's what it's about."