In case you haven't seen Dwayne Johnson's Instagram lately, he's currently shooting the hotly-anticipated remake of Baywatch, and he's having a blast.

And if you're willing to pay enough, you can join him.

Johnson is auctioning off a Baywatch behind-the-scenes set visit, inviting the winner to Savannah, Georgia for a day of watching The Rock work his cinematic magic.

The winner gets to bring a lucky guest along — though if the movie's super R-rated teaser is any indication, it's probably not a trip for kids.

All proceeds from the trip (which includes free airfare and hotel stay) benefits a seriously worthy cause — the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation, which works to cure the rare and fatal brain disorder, Batten disease.

It's not the first time Johnson has invited fans to the Baywatch set for a good cause, previously sharing a visit from a 1-year-old heart surgery survivor and her mom.

So, you in?