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Actress from the Eastside scores supporting role alongside Denzel Washington

Sheila Houlahan plays the role of Paige Callahan in the Warner Bros feature "The Little Things"

REDMOND, Wash. — Sheila Houlahan is what you call a triple threat. She's an accomplished singer, talented actress, and she months away from getting her graduate degree in business and mental health. 

For Houlahan, landing a role in the Warner Bros film, "The Little Things" was a dream come true. 

"I ran around my room screaming for ten minutes," admitted Houlahan. 

All of Houlahan's scenes are with Denzel Washington. When asked what it was like working with him, she said he was not only a pro, but kind. 

"The theme in my head the whole time was I am getting paid to do this. Someone is paying me to have a master class with a legend. He was so giving of spirit. He was loving and giving with his time," explained Houlahan. 

Houlahan, who is Indian-American, attended Forest Ridge School for girls in Bellevue and spent a lot of time with the Seattle Girls Choir. She went on to attend The Manhattan School of Music; and she's performed with the Seattle Sympony. 

"I had only ever done music and had never questioned that's what I wanted to do, said Houlahan. 

But when she started exploring acting, she said it actually made her a better singer. 

"Once I started dipping in more as an actor, that's when the singing really took off.  I debuted at the Seattle symphony, I started working with recording artist A.R Rahman and kind of working across multiple genres at really big venues, New York and Vegas and getting in songwriting as well," shared Houlahan. 

In fact,  Houlahan wrote a song called "Keep on Marching On", inspired by the Me Too movement.  Currently, because of the pandemic, she's back in Seattle and working on new projects and finishing up her graduate degree.

The Little Things is a crime thriller about a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles. Sheila can't say much about her role, but the movie will start streaming on HBO Max January 29th. 

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