This past March, a study released by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that, in 2011, about one in 25 patients treated at hospitals got an infection. Dr. Ellen Farrokhi and Clinical Nurse Specialist Tracy Courtenay from Providence Regional Medical Center have been working together to make patient safety a top priority. The two joined host Margaret Larson on the show today to explain more.

Top Ten Patient Safety Checklist:

  • Hand hygiene - Ask your caregivers to wash their hands.
  • Catheter - Ask when you can get your catheter out.
  • Central line IV - Ask when you can get your IV line removed.
  • Falls - Be sure to use your call button to get help before getting out of bed.
  • Pressure ulcers - Ask your caregiver to help turn you in bed or get out of bed. Ask about a bath for skin checks.
  • Blood sugar - Ask if your blood sugar is being monitored
  • Antibiotics - Ensure your blood has been drawn to determine the exact bacteria.
  • Pain control - Tell your caregiver if your pain isn't being managed.
  • Nutrition - Ask if this is the rift diet for your condition. Let caregivers know of food allergies.
  • Speak up - Ask questions until you understand! Ask why!

Providence is committed to patient safety and aims to reduce patient harm by 20% by December of this year! Connect with Providence Regional Medical Center on Facebook.