SEATTLE — According to the Washington State Attorney General's Office, more than 700 died from opioid overdoses last year in Washington State, and 1 out of 4 people who receive a prescription for painkillers will eventually struggle with addiction.

Even more people suffer with alcoholism, and the number of men, women, and young adults struggling with cross-addictions of both alcohol and drugs is growing. Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS) is a new resource in Western Washington that is offering personalized addiction treatment options. They offer dual diagnostic treatment for both substance abuse and mental health problems.

“Most people with addition / substance use problems, there’s co-occurring disorders as well,” says Program Manager Jenny Jensen, “As the individual gets sober, the mental health problems will often become more prevalent.” HCBTS provides licensed mental health clinicians to work with underlying issues like anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar or borderline personality disorder, that can be treated more effectively once an individual becomes sober.

Many people working at HCTBS are in recovery themselves, like Alumni Admission Supervisor Allie Wile, who says her experience is her greatest asset, “I can talk with the potential clients about my experience, what it’s like to be in their shoes. What it’s like to walk in on day one and take that first breath and say I’m OK, I’m going to be OK.”

Their mission is one of hope, and Jenny wants people to know that. “Recovery is possible, that’s the most beautiful thing about our program. We provide long-lasting care and prepare our clients to re-integrate into society.”

Compassion, experience, and expertise is considered a key differentiator. “All members are very supportive, a lot of us are in recovery too so we really can speak hope into their lives,” says Jenny. Hotel California by the Sea even provides luxury transitional housing with 24/7 support staff for all clients that are willing.

HCBTS works with most private insurance, people often assume their insurance won’t cover treatment and that it will be insanely expensive, when it often does cover it. Even if HCBTS is unable to work with your insurance, they will guide you toward resources within the community. They are passionate about helping people find recovery, even if they don’t come into their care.

Hotel California by the Sea is located at 1601 114th Avenue SE, Bellevue, Washington 98004. Phone: (425) 467-7033, or connect with HCBTS on Facebook.

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