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Making the viral TikTok salmon rice bowl - Terry Tries It

Terry Hollimon joined us in the studio to show us how to make that viral salmon rice bowl! #newdaynw

We do a lot of cooking on this show, and while we love to crack open a cookbook, opening up the 'ol TikTok app can also be a pretty good source for recipes. Especially for all the Gen Z-ers!

But can a Gen X-er pull one off? We put Terry Hollimon to the test! He picked a viral recipe he's never tried before to share with us — the salmon rice bowl!

Popularized by Emily Mariko, a Japanese-American TikToker, the TikTok salmon rice bowl is a rice bowl made from flaked salmon mixed with rice and soy sauce, topped with kewpie mayo, sriracha, and avocado. To enjoy it, you scoop up a bite of mixed rice with roasted seaweed and enjoy it with kimchi.

How to make a salmon rice bowl

  1. Flake up your cooked salmon. Use a fork and mash the salmon into flakes.
  2. Add the rice on top. Top off the salmon with some leftover or fresh rice.
  3. Nestle in an ice cube into the rice, cover everything with parchment paper, and warm in the microwave until warm. The ice cube melts in the microwave and adds moisture to the salmon and rice.
  4. Remove the ice cube, add a drizzle of soy sauce and mix everything up.
    Top with kewpie mayo (if you don't have this, you can mix regular mayo with some rice vinegar!), sriracha, and avocado slices.
  5. Enjoy with roasted seaweed and kimchi!

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