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Would you ever travel to space? - Hot Topics

Plus, what is the worst advice a boomer has ever given you? 😂 #newdaynw

It's time for New Day Hot Topics! Joining host Amity Addrisi are Brooke Fox, Jeffrey Dubow, and Jose Bolanos of Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning!

Hot Topics:

  1. Billionaire space race:
    • Is commercial space travel in your future?
  2. Millennials are sharing the worst advice boomers gave them
    • What’s the best or worst piece of generational advice you’ve gotten (or given)?
  3. Turns out the best/sell-by dates on food aren’t regulated at all: 
    • What’s your personal policy on when it’s time to throw out the food?
  4. Road trip routines – Families are hitting the road for summer again:
    • Do you have any must-have foods, accessories, or car games?
  5. Did you see Bella Hadid's new necklace?: 
    • What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever worn out?

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