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Travel overseas the healthy and safe way

Tips and information about traveling overseas this holiday season
The best things to pack on your trip overseas

As we approach the holiday season, many people have started making their travel plants to visit friends and family. While everyone is super busy around the holidays, you may want to think about making some time to stop in and see your doctor before heading overseas. Dr. Frank Riedo, Medical Director of Infection Control and Infectious Disease at EvergreenHealth,is here with some great tips for traveling abroad. He goes over the health risks of traveling internationally, why you should see a travel medicine doctor before you go, how to prepare for you trip, and what are the most common causes of international sickness/infections. He also shares a great list of what you should pack for your trip, and what to do if you do get sick while overseas or shortly after returning home.

For more tips, or to find a travel medicine doctor, head to the EvergreenHealth Website.

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