Pacific Bath Company's walk-in bathtubs and showers can transform any old bathroom into a spa-like experience. Their sleek Kohler showers and tubs are designed with safety in mind, and offer easy-to-enter units with low thresholds. Wes Nielsen from Pacific Bath is here to show off their bathtub and shower features.

There are so many different options when looking at remodeling an old bathtub or shower. Pacific Bath Company's Kohler designed units make things easily accessible, safe, modern and pain-free as possible.

Their biggest goal is to find out what will work best for each person. They take into account what each client's best bathing experience will be -- whether that's a bath, a shower, or both.

Once Pacific Bath Company has that figured out, they will completely demolish the existing bathtub to get a closer look at what's going on under the surface. Other than user experience, there are so many different aspects to look at when thinking of a remodel: plumbing, framing, flooring, drain sizing, waterlines and sometimes even electrical work.

Since the bathroom is the number one most accident prone place in the house, the primary concern with the showers and bathtubs is safety. Many of the appointments made with them are reactionary -- due to slips and falls in the shower because most standard tubs have these major accessibility issues. Kohler's goal is to make bathing safer for everyone, not just older adults but kids as well.

Most of the Kohler products have lifetime warranties to help make things as maintenance-free as possible. Clients don't have to worry a lot about damage, because getting them replaced is hassle-free.

The materials used in Kohler's products make cleaning the tub easier than ever as well. The base of the bathtubs have a gel coat surface which is more durable than the standard acrylic and less likely to break down over time.

Usually bathtub and shower walls are made of a cheap vinyl or tile with grout. Although tile with grout looks nice, grout is difficult to clean and is more prone to molding. Kohler's walls use a nonporous stone wall system so water easily slides right off. This makes them easier to clean and more resistant to mold and other developing bacteria. Kohler also uses a powder coated aluminum trim that won't peel off over time.

In a standard bathtub, the average width of standable space is only 16 inches because the roundness of the tub's outside edges take up about 4 inches per side. Kohler designed their unit to maximize that standing space to be about 28 inches -- almost double the standard size.

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