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Finding a job during Covid crisis is doable

Job search strategist Lynn Juve has tips on how to market yourself and have the best online interview so you can jump from candidate to employee.

SEATTLE — Lynn Juve, job search specialist and founder of Seattle's Bespoke Professional, says to find a job in the midst of a pandemic requires understanding the landscape and how to best market yourself.


  • Acknowledge that finding a job is hard, both logistically and emotionally.  
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile is working for you
  • All the bullets on your resume should be on your Linkedin profile
  • Make sure you have a picture
  • Don't write in your linked headline "seeking new opportunities."
  • Turn on the button that tells hiring professionals you are looking for new opportunities
  • Leverage your network. You are most likely to find a job through people you already know

Job interviews over platforms (Zoom, Skype) 

  • Test out your camera and audio on that exact platform first. Each one requires you to give permission to both camera and audio separately.
  • The camera on each platform looks different- zoom shows much more of your background that google meet, for example.
  • Wear what you would wear to a normal interview, including bottoms.
  • Don't assume you will be able to use notes in a way that you can't in real life. It will be weird if you are trying to read or look off camera
  • If possible, practice with someone else so you can practice looking in the camera
  • If something goes wrong technically, don't assume this will discount you. Everyone is having technical issues these days.
  • At the end of the day, all this stuff is forgivable if you show up early, act professional, and polite, express enthusiasm for the job. And have done your homework.

About Lynn:

I help people who are in the thick of their job search right now. Most of my clients are looking to make some career change such as coming back from a career break, pivoting, or trying to get out of a toxic work environment. I help them market themselves, usually through helping write their Linkedin Profiles/and resumes, developing their networking plan and messaging and interview coaching.

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