SEATTLE — There's a common misconception that teen girls are mean at heart, but teen counselor Sheri Gazitt knows that's not the case. Gazitt runs the blog Teenwise Seattle where she talks about coaching teens through this difficult period in their lives. 

Teen girls can have complex reasons behind their actions that aren't immediately obvious to the outside observer. Gazitt joins New Day Northwest to share common causes of "Mean Girl" behavior. 

Reasons could include: 

  1. They don't want to directly hurt someone's feelings
  2. They're insecure about themselves
  3. Jealousy
  4. They're still learning social skills
  5. They're bored and their brains are wired for excitement
  6. They're Isolated and lonely (mean behavior gets them back into the mix)
  7. They're feeling unimportant
  8. They have low self-esteem (knock you down to knock me up)
  9. They have bad role models (TV girls are all about the drama)
  10. They don't know how to resolve a conflict

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