SEATTLE — Dr. Anne Riordan is a dermatologist who created natural skincare brand Azfasst in 2007 to address her own skin care issues and remove some guesswork in the beauty aisle for her patients, "They would spend tons of money at department stores or play guessing games at drugstores about what they use for their skin to help with fine lines, wrinkling sunspots, breakouts, that sort of thing."

In development, one of her priorities was to make her products not only unique but natural. Then she discovered the amazing qualities inside organic botanical green tea. 

Dr. Riordan says there have been several scientific studies that demonstrate how the antioxidant reverses signs of aging, "It really eliminates and turns back the clock." 

She says her products also work wonders for teenage skin. For instance, the Azfasst Green Tea Facial Gel works great for breakouts, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles because it contains salicylic acid. Dr. Riordan explains salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect to exfoliate, calm down redness and renew your skin. 

Their newest product is Azfasst Night Cream that goes on like silk. It's whipped so it has a really light texture, and feels pretty cold at first contact. But that's what makes the product refreshing. It goes on like a gel, but almost immediately disappears when you rub it into your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which plumps up your skin's collagen.

"It evens out shadows and wrinkles almost immediately," Dr. Riordan explains. "It's amazing."

Before and after 1 month on Azfasst's new night cream.
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She says it's important the product be used before you sleep because it has rejuvenating effects that hydrate your skin overnight -- refreshing your skin of harsh bacteria it was exposed to throughout the day. 

Azfasst Eye Cream is great for people who want to reduce shadows, redness, and inflammation under the eye. Despite it being an eye cream, Dr. Riordan explains that this product is also multifunctional. She has seen a patient use it around her lips and the lines around them disappeared in a month. Others used it on their hands, which often gets forgotten about in terms of skincare.

Before and after 1 month using Azfasst eye cream.
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Azfasst also caters to those with sensitive skin. This line doesn't have the ingredients that speed up the renewing process so effects might take a little bit longer to appear.

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