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A new way to think about persuasion

"The Soulful Art of Persuasion" is a book by Jason Harris that tells us how to persuade with our character and actions. #newdaynw

We often think of persuasion as a bit of a dirty word. 

While it may have that connotation, Jason Harris sees it differently. He says that persuasion is something we all do day in and day out to get others to see from our perspective. More importantly, it can be done through our character and actions.

Harris is the CEO of Mekanism, a creative agency, and author of the book "The Soulful Art of Persuasion." He joined New Day NW to talk more about his point of view on persuasion, and how we can all use it more effectively.


"The Soulful Art of Persuasion" is a revolutionary guide to becoming a master influencer in an age of distrust through the cultivation of character-building habits that are essential to both personal growth and sustained business success. This isn’t a book full of tips and life-hacks. Instead, "The Soulful Art of Persuasion" will develop the habits that others want to be influenced by. This audiobook is based on a radical idea: Persuasion isn’t about facts and argument. It’s all about personal character.

Jason Harris, CEO of the powerhouse creative agency, Mekanism, argues that genuine persuasion in the 21st century is about developing character rather than relying on the easy tactics of flattery, manipulation, and short-term gains. It is about engaging rather than insisting; it is about developing empathy and communicating your values. Based on his experience in and out of the boardroom, and drawing on the latest in-depth research on trust, influence, and habit formation, Harris shows that being persuasive in a culture plagued by deception means rejecting the ethos of the quick and embracing the commitment of putting your truest self forward and playing the long game.

Through instructive and entertaining stories, Harris lays out the 11 habits that will guide listeners to become authentically persuasive, including

  • Earning respect through collaboration
  • Becoming the person others want to be around
  • Practicing generosity through gestures big and small

Persuasion today is about personal excellence, sharing the stage, and respecting other people’s motivations. In "The Soulful Art of Persuasion," Jason Harris shows us the way.

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