SEATTLE — Spring is traditionally the time of year when new home and housewares products make their debut. David Viggiano from the International Housewares Association gives us an exclusive first look at a few of the newest innovations coming out soon!

While business is not being conducted in person at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago because of the global nature of the event and Coronavirus concerns, it will be business as usual… only now conducted online. These and thousands of new products will continue to be rolled out on store shelves throughout the spring.

Note: Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, 2020's The Inspired Home Show has been cancelled. The Inspired Home Show 2021 will be held March 13-16 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Complex.

Home Show Trends for 2020

  • Time - products that save us time
  • Space - with more and more gadgets, we want to save space
  • Simplicity - making a complex process look easy
  • Wellness - products that provide physical, mental, and spiritual awareness
  • Responsibility - green, eco-friendly products from green, eco-friendly companies

Hot Products from the Inspired Home Show

  • LG Puricare Mini Air Purifier"The PuriCare is the only air purifier that is powerful enough to purify the air in your personal space, but compact enough to take with you wherever you go. Particularly great if you work in a dusty office or travel often." (LG Puricare).
  • The DYLN Bottle"Enhance the water you drink quickly, easily and inexpensively. The DYLN Bottle creates Alkaline Water by elevating water’s pH level (up to 9+) right inside the bottle. A higher pH level combats the negative effects of acid forming foods (meat, poultry, dairy, grains.) This is done through the Replaceable VitaBead Diffuser located at the bottom of each bottle and lasts up to 315 refills. With over 200 water bottles being featured at The Inspired Home Show, The DYLN bottle is the only that creates alkaline water." (DYLN Bottle).
  • CHI Hand-Held Steamer"De-Wrinkle on the go! The CHI Hand-Held Steamer is the best, most compact, easy to use steamer for travelers and anyone on the go." (CHI).
  • GoodCook Quick Baste Roaster Pan, "This re-imagined design of the traditional roast pan features an innovative concaved bottom that naturally angles juices to either end of the pan making basting safer, easier, and faster." (GoodCook).
  • Skoy Cloth"The Skoy Sponge Cloth is an innovative, environmentally friendly, reusable, biodegradable cleaning cloth that lasts longer than 15 rolls of paper towels, germ-laden sponges, dirty rags & mildewy dishcloths." (Skoy Cloth).
  • DualHeat"You now can extend your outdoor entertainment time into the cooler months thanks to this new, patented technology, created by Mr. Bar-B-Q Products, LLC. DualHeat combines a traditional fire pit and a patio heater into one." (DualHeat).

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