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Six plank moves to keep everyone in shape this Thanksgiving

Ali Capagnaro of Row House is here to help you and your abs survive the holiday party circuit.

You can have your turkey and eat it too, and still stay toned if you try out this plank series!

Row House West Seattle's Ali Capagnaro is here to demonstrate a series of planks to keep you toned and ready to take on any holiday party coming your way.

Beginners can start at twenty seconds and build their endurance up to one minute, making this move extremely adaptable to all fitness levels. 

Six Plank Moves:

  1. "Turkey Leg Plank" - Find a traditional plank position on your forearms, and lift up one leg at a time until your glutes and core feel challenged. Even out the work on both sides.
  2. "Plymouth Rock-hard Abs" - While in a forearm plank, rock forward two inches onto your toes so your forehead comes past your fists.
  3. "Squash Your Obliques" - From a side plank position on one elbow, lift your hips up and down a few inches, squeezing your oblique muscles.
  4. "The Potato Masher" - From a forearm plank, drop your hips from side to side, creating a rainbow-shaped path with your pelvis.
  5. "The Apple Picker" - From a side plank position on one elbow, rotate your top shoulder toward the floor and thread your top arm under you.
  6. "The Pumpkin Slider" - Place a small pumpkin to the left side of you before finding a plank position on your hands. Reach your right arm under and across you in order to slide the pumpkin to your right side. Then repeat on the other side.

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