We're just a few days away from Easter, and that means many of you are making your Easter Sunday Brunch plans!

Bode Craig from Percy's Apothecary Bar and Restaurant in Ballard stopped by New Day NW to show us how to spice up our own brunch cocktails we can make at home.

He showed us how we can put on a twist on the class mimosa and bloody mary, as well as a French 75 and an alcohol-free mint mojito.

1.) Twist on a Bloody Mary: but it's a house infusion instead of adding mix. Imagine a Bloody Mary flavored Martini.

--Infused vodka: Horseradish root, celery root, lemon peel, Tabasco, Worcestershire, crack black pepper, Thai Chili tincture

--Garnish: Float of extra virgin olive oil, Cerignola olive, smoked sea salt, dehydrated Heirloom tomato

2.) Twist on a Mimosa: we are taking a unique, yet simple twist on this cocktail. We are known for our house made bitters and holistic tinctures, and it would be fun to incorporate them into this brunch cocktail.

--Ingredients: Champaign, Kiwi Shrub, House made Brain & Immunity tinctures

--Garnish: Melon Balls

3.) Twist on a French 75: this is very popular during brunch!

--Ingredients: Infused vanilla bean brandy, House made lemon-peach puree, House lavender infused honey, Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse "Kings & Spies" Heirloom Series apple cider

--Garnish: Lemon zest and edible flower

4.) Mocktail: this is built in Mojito fashion.

--Pureed: Apples, Beets, Carrots, Ginger, Strawberry

--Fine strained, muddled mint, crushed ice

--Garnish: Sliced Strawberry, Mint sprig

To learn more about Percy's & Co. in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, visits their website.