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Create functional space in your home to get organized in 2020

Turn inefficient kitchen storage areas into organized spaces with Glide-Out shelves. Sponsored by ShelfGenie.

SEATTLE — After the rush of the holidays, getting organized becomes a priority for a lot of people. A great place to start is in the kitchen.  Alan Regala, owner of ShelfGenie of Seattle, is an expert in turning inefficient, frustrating areas in the home into highly functional, well-organized spaces.

"Pantries we find, are usually the most disorganized places where things really accumulate because you've got goods that perish overtime and don't get removed." 

The first step towards getting everything in order is taking out everything from the cabinets and getting rid of expired items. Glide-Out shelves is what Alan recommends to help maintain the organization of the deep space, "It's all the stuff that you don't use that ends up in the back, which is what kills all the usable space." 

Theoretically, your pantry should have room for storage, but poor design of shelving units leads to underutilized space. ShelfGenie of Seattle helps clients improve their space by working with the things they already have, "We design around them so we can make the most use of the space and still provide excellent access to everything."

Every cabinet or project can benefit from great shelf organization, no matter the size, "If someone needs one Glide-Out, just for their trash, we'll take a look and just do that. We're happy to help anyway that we can"

With ShelfGenie, the pantry becomes an efficient space as you can pull out each shelf, see all food items, and store kitchen items with ease.

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