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Shame takes a toll on our health and can keep us from reaching our goals

"BETTER," the food documentary by author and nutritionist Jonathan Bailor, makes the devastating connection between shame and health and shares solutions. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — We all know that beating ourselves up over mistakes doesn't do any good, but doctors are now learning how detrimental shame can be when it comes to our health. 

Author and nutritionist Jonathon Bailor's documentary "BETTER" makes the case that shame in any area of our life has a direct impact on moving forward and getting healthy.

About "BETTER":

As we all start coming out of quarantine — a time when we dismissed those doctor appointments or ate more comfort food than we had hoped — is there a better way to live without the risk of diabetes and obesity through better ways to eat? From New York Times best-selling author and executive producer Jonathan Bailor comes "BETTER", a transformative food documentary that examines a new, empowering, and unifying way of eating, thinking, and living — without the shame caused by friends, family, and the wellness industry itself. The film has been endorsed by top medical doctors at Harvard. In addition, "BETTER" has won Best Documentary and Best Storytelling awards and has been featured in programs at film festivals worldwide.

"BETTER" offers a proven path toward safer, better living through revolutionary methods that lower the body’s weight "setpoint,” using simple, evidence-based solutions that anyone can use to optimize their diet (e.g., keto, vegan, paleo, kosher, halal, etc.) and to protect against today's most common diseases. The movie’s goal is to put an end to all the diet wars, unveiling scientifically-backed new ways of eating endorsed by doctors at Harvard, as well as Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic; and ending all the confusing and conflicting diet information while curbing diabetes and obesity (diabesity). It also features inspiring success stories along with intimate testimonials by Americans who have struggled with negative body image, vulnerability, feelings of inadequacy, and humiliation that bring the movie to life in all too relatable ways.

"BETTER" tries to tackle these challenges by following the doctors leading this revolution and features intimate portraits of people as they explore ways to decrease the dependence on medications and shame-based diets while staying safe in an increasingly unhealthy world. "BETTER" was filmed on-location at Harvard Medical School with Dr. David Ludwig, author of The New York Times bestseller "Always Hungry"; and with EP and creator Jonathan Bailor, who founded the field of wellness engineering, and is the author of the New York Times best-seller, "The Calorie Myth," and "The Setpoint Diet." Bailor was inspired to help Americans overcome their overeating addiction after his own grandfather died of diabetes. On a quest to help find a better way for Americans to eat, think and live, it is Bailor’s hope that the audience will be inspired to reverse their symptoms of diabesity, which is proven to be a top risk factor for many complications, including COVID complications and death.

Says Bailor, “Now more than ever, everyone is in desperate need of a proven, practical and simple way to protect their mental and physical health. "BETTER" is not just a food documentary, it is a story of hope, empowerment, protection, and betterment by every means necessary.” For more information, please visit bettermovie.com.

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