During this week's hot topics comedians Erik Myers and Steve Hofstetter will discuss the Georgia school reinstating paddles to punish students, the problem with the phrase "Hey guys," old west covered wagons - the new "glamping" style at Yosemite, Henry Cavill out as Superman and Ben Affleck out as Batman, and pyrex patterned tattoos.

Steve Hofstetter is an author, columnist, and comedian. His national TV debut came on ESPN's Quite Frankly, where Stephen A. Smith yelled at him for three minutes.

Erik Myers has been traveling all over the country doing his high-energy act with his trademark machine gun delivery. He currently has a one-hour special on Hulu entitled Dopeless Romantic.

You can see Steve at Parlor Live in Bellevue on Thursday, September 13. Also, catch Erik as at Seattle Comedy Underground, recording a live album, Thursday, September 13-15.

Connect with Steve on Facebook, Twitter: @SteveHofstetter and Instagram: @stevehofstetter

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