The Taste of Tacoma is happening this coming weekend, June 23rd to 25th at Point Defiance Park. Chef Celestino Jimenez from Stanley & Seafort's stopped by the New Day NW studio to give a delicious preview of what's to come!

Ahi Poke Tacos

▪ Ahi 3 oz. - clean ½’ dice
▪ Sauce, Soy - Chili Oil - 2 fl oz
▪ Scallion - 1 Tbl bias cut 1/8”
▪ Red Onion - 2 Tbl halved rings 1/8”
▪ Won Ton Shells - 3 each
▪ Napa Slaw - 1 ½ oz
▪ Aji-Mirin 1 Tbl
▪ White Sesame Seeds - 1 tsp toasted
▪ Lime Wedges - 2 each 6 cut

1. In a clean stainless steel bowl ladle in the sauce followed by the diced ahi, red onions, and scallions then gently
toss together to coat the tuna evenly.
2. In a separate bowl place the slaw in the bowl and dress with the aji mirin. Gently toss to coat all ingredients
3. Divide the dressed tuna into 3 piles and fill each of the won ton shells with the ahi being careful not to break the
shell. Place filled shells on the serving dish using the lime wedges as “book ends”. Top each of the tacos with the
dressed slaw and garnish with the toasted sesame seeds.

Flavor: Ahi fresh tasting, rich soy and sesame oil flavors with spicyness evident but not overpowering
Appearance: Neatly composed with consistent coating of shells evident
Temp: Ahi and slaw chilled 40-50 degrees, shell room temp
Texture: Ahi firm and moist, slaw crisp, shell crunchy