Because improving behavioral and mental health is such a complex challenge that takes more than just treatment, Premera has significantly increased their community investment in behavioral health and health equity through a giving program called Premera Social Impact. It's part of what Premera considers, "a necessary leap forward to re-imagine our commitment to social responsibility and effective philanthropy."

The overall goal is to improve their customers lives by, "making healthcare work better," with a focus on addressing behavioral health concerns in historically underserved communities. These include people of color and low-income populations, where health data shows that there are disparities that lead to lower quality and access to healthcare services.

Premera Social Impact is awarding $2 million in grants to nonprofits that focus on addressing critical health issues such as adverse childhood experiences, toxic stress, and severe trauma, including a $200,000 grant to Hopelink to launch a new initiative based on the neuroscience of adverse childhood experiences. Approximately 20 grants will be awarded in 2017. Learn about Premera social impact grants.

About Hopelink

Hopelink services help clients achieve stability through the provision of basic needs, such as shelter and food. By achieving stability, the harmful effects of poverty are eased for all family members. Without the stresses of homelessness or hunger, family members are more able to focus on the next phase of their journey out of poverty.

Clients become equipped to exit poverty through the acquisition of skills and knowledge that can permanently change their lives. Hopelink works with clients through various programs that can increase their income, improve their employment potential, maintain stable housing, and when appropriate, advance their education.

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