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How Climate-Smart skincare can transform the appearance of your skin

Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart skincare products help your skin adjust to the weather and create a moisture balance. Sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare

The outer layer of your skin reacts to the climate you’re in, whether that’s dry, cool or humid. Pour Moi Skincare's patented Climate-Smart products work to help your skin adjust to different weather with climate-specific formulations to rejuvenate and repair skin.

“To stay hydrated outside, you need skincare,” said Ulli Haslacher, founder and CEO of Pour Moi. “That’s the job of cosmetics, and Climate-Smart skincare, I truly believe, does it better than any other skincare. With Climate-Smart, you dress your skin like you dress yourself for the day’s weather. You use Temperate Day Cream on mild and comfortable days and Marine Day Cream when it’s cool, humid and cloudy. 

“By rotating them, selecting the right one for the day, you get extraordinary anti-aging results, and the same is true for our serums,” Haslacher said.

Climate-Smart products work with skin and the climate to create the proper hydration and moisture balance. If it’s too humid, your skincare needs to rebalance humidity. In dry weather, it needs to help skin create hydration.

“You don’t need a heavy moisturizer,” Haslacher said. “You just need a smart one.”

Pour Moi is offering two specials to celebrate back to school and the fall season. One includes the Temperate and Marine Day Creams, so you can align your daily skincare with the weather.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get Pour Moi’s Pacific Northwest Day Creams for $35. (Regular retail $70).

The other package offers the Pacific Northwest’s two serums. The serums work to make your smart skin even smarter. Use the Blue Serum during the rainy season and switch to White Serum during the milder season.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get Pour Moi’s Pacific Northwest Serums for $65. (Regular retail $130).

Products are made in France and carry a full money-back guarantee. To learn more about Climate-Smart products and the special offers, visit the Pour Moi website.

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