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A look at how fear drives American politics

Seattle University professor Marco Lowe joined New Day NW to explore how fear ripples through American politics. #newdaynw

We may not realize it, but fear plays a huge role in politics. Think about the last time you voted, and being completely honest, have you ever voted specifically because you were afraid of what would happen if the other side won?

Fear is a powerful motivator. It sends voters flocking to the polls and leads to hysterical messaging during political campaigns. Candidates are afraid to lose to each other and voters fear a permanent history-changing catastrophe should the other side win. It can also lead to positive outcomes, such as actions on long-delayed issues like climate change.

Seattle University political science professor Marco Lowe joined New Day NW to share insight on how fear drives American politics, when to recognize the influence of fear, and whether it will continue to impact our politics.

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