You might be considering a home upgrade over the holidays, but not know where to start. Wes Nielsen from the Pacific Bath Company gave us some practical advice that might help you get started.

Walk in showers and baths are great for any age

Get it done now, don’t wait. If you wait until the bath or shower is leaking not only do you have a safety issue, you’ve got unnecessary damage to your home.

Get a thorough inspection

The first thing Pacific Bath does when starting a project is an in-depth inspection. They take a look at 34 different things including the hot water tank, the water temperature, the electrical panel, the trim, the framing under the house, the condition of the drywall and the tub surround. They inspect everything to make sure that this is the last bath or shower you’ll need to install in your home, and you know exactly what you are looking at in terms of scope for the project.

Uncovering hidden issues

Before and after a remodel.
Before and after a remodel.

The installation process itself takes the bathroom down to the bones of the house and replaced. Sometimes this process can uncover pre-existing conditions in the home that couldn’t be spotted in a visual inspection. These can be fixed as a part of the remodel once discovered and added to the overall scope.

The benefits of a walk-in shower or tub

The installation process takes the room down to the bones of the house. 

One of the biggest things Pacific Bath wants to help you accomplish is to maximize the space you have in your bathroom. Not only the space available in the room but the space available in the shower or tub itself. That’s why they recommend upgrading to a walk in shower or bath. In addition to square footage you gain increased safety, a more modern interior, and ease of accessibility.

Walk-in Bathtubs

A walk-in bathtub maximized both the space available in the footprint and space for you to move when sitting in the tub.  
A walk-in bathtub maximized both the space available in the footprint and space for you to move when sitting in the tub.  

These are recommended If you’d like to gain the benefits of hydrotherapy in home. The Kohler tub has 17 bubble jets, 10 Hydrotherapy jets, and a built in heater so you can keep the temperature where you’d like it. There are even jets that are positioned to massage your feet! Control of the tub is well designed to be easy and self-explanatory in terms of function, you won’t have to worry about complicated controls.

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