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Are you an over packer? Here are tips to know to get that carry on closed

Stylist Darcy Camden shares her top five tips for packing and her list of must-haves. #newdaynw
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Stylist Darcy Camden shares her top five tips for packing and her list of must-haves.

SEATTLE — The worst part of a vacation, besides the pile of laundry when you get back, is packing! Not just making sure it all fits, but thinking about wardrobe options so you don't over pack. 

But wouldn't you know it? Stylist Darcy Camden is headed to Mexico soon and she's letting us in on a few tips while she packs!

Packing can be overwhelming. How do you approach it? 

I line up everything I think I might want to take (more than I need!), and I organize it from most casual to most dressy. First, I pack any outfits or pieces I DEFINITELY need (for example, this trip I’m going to wedding, so I need my outfit for that). Then, I think about shoes! I try to get down to three pairs of shoes — a heel, a sandal, and a sneaker — so I eliminate any outfit that doesn’t work with those choices. Then, I pack a casual outfit, then a dressy outfit, then a casual outfit, then a dressy outfit moving into the “middle" section of items that work for almost anything. I pack as much of those as I can fit until I run out of room and I know I’m covered for any situation.

TIP #1: Think in outfits, not items! Don’t bring a shirt if you have nothing to wear it with!

TIP #2: Prioritize items that can be worn multiple ways, like a Billa77 twinset, I can wear the top and bottom together, and I can wear them separately.

TIP #3: Only pack your easiest and most comfortable things. You’re on vacation! You want to enjoy yourself, you’re not going to want to wear anything complicated or uncomfortable. (There’s a dress that I love, but it gets wrinkled so easily and it makes me sweat — it’s staying home!)

TIP #4: I roll my outfits vs fold. I find I can fit more and things are less wrinkled.

TIP #5: Scale down your make-up and skincare to essentials only. Again, think of products that do double duty like a dual lip and cheek roller.

Must haves:

  • Sunscreen (La Roche Posay Daily anti-aging primer with SPF 50, at ulta.com)
  • Floppy hat (Pro tip: I pack my bathing suits in the hat to help it hold its shape)
  • Flat sandals (TKEES)
  • Hair mask (Sun Bum revitalizing hair mask, $3.50)
  • The Bigger Carry-on suitcase by Away

Darcy Camden // Founder & Chief Stylist

Styled Seattle: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist

darcy@styledseattle.com // Call/text: 206.349.3401 // @darcycamden

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