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5 tips to cool pandemic burnout

Nicole Tsong, author of "24 Ways to Move More," met with us to share her tips and insight on how to find relief and refreshment from the pandemic. #newdaynw

It's been over a year since pandemic shutdowns, quarantining, and working from home began in March 2020. After all this time, many are or have been, feeling burnt out from being stuck inside for so long in what some feel is an exhausting and repetitive cycle.

Nicole Tsong, author of "24 Ways to Move More," joined New Day NW to share five tips on how to cool off from pandemic burnout.


1. Start your day phone-free for 10 minutes — With one simple step, you can greatly reduce anxiety and stress, and instead replace it with a routine so you can start your day clear and grounded.

2. Create a 10 minute routine for yourself — Now that you’re no longer scrolling, use that time on YOU. Spend 10 minutes a day focusing solely on YOU and see massive shifts in how you feel about yourself and the world.

3. Build in 10 minutes of movement — Moving just 10 minutes at a time has long-term physical and mental benefits.

4. Simplify with a walk — You don’t have to join a gym and do a masked workout to get healthier and move more; take a walk. It’s easy and free.

5. Do one new thing each day — Prove to yourself you can do new things and build resilience by trying one new thing this month. It could be a new recipe, a new movement class, start a new book, take up a new hobby. Get creative and try something new.

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