For many people, a new year marks a new beginning for everything, including fashion. Stylist Darcy Camden shares three style resolutions that guys can try in 2018.

Resolution #1: Get a fitting.

Darcy’s Tip: In general, the biggest mistake I see men making is mentally latching on to the idea of a size and buy it without trying on or ordering online and wearing regardless of how it actually fits. Truthfully, fit models change, the way clothes are cut and sized changes. Most of the men I know identify with a single size (“I’m an XL”) and they buy that size without ever questioning it or trying something else. I think every man should go to a store that has a knowledgeable staff (tip: anywhere that offers suiting - Men’s Wearhouse, Nordstrom, Banana Republic do a great job), and get measured. If you don’t have time for that, I also I recommend every man take the size that they THINK they are and the next size down into the fitting room.

Resolution #2: Try a new store.

Darcy’s Tip: The quickest way to get into a style rut is by only shopping at one store and/or only shopping at the store that is most convenient but not necessarily the best (“I buy everything at Costco”). At least once this year, visit a new store. Google "Men’s Clothing near me”, visit the store website to get a sense of the aesthetic and price point so you don’t waste your time. And go in when you have the time to talk to the staff or manager who can recommend some items for you to try.

Resolution #3: Reconsider your old favorites.

Darcy’s Tip: It’s good to have Old Faithfuls in your closet, but it’s crucial to understand the distinction between Items you love, that work well and feel great year after year and Items that you buy again and again due to laziness, apathy or lack of knowledge about other options.

3 simple things EVERYBODY can do to upgrade their style in 2018:

1. Subscribe to a fashion magazine. Or, subscribe to any local magazine and read the style section.

2. Get things that don’t fit out of your closet. Anything 7+ years old, covered in dust or very old should get donated; and anything you’re unsure about should be tried on to save you confusion of wondering about fit when you’re getting dressed.

3. Open your eyes to the fashion show happening around you every day. My biggest inspirations come from looking at what people on the sidewalks are wearing. Bonus points for offering a compliment to someone, you’ll make their day and you might get some great information about a new store or sale happening.