When looking for a new restaurant to try or a book to read, we often rely on recommendations from total strangers on crowd review sites. A new app called Likewise lets you quickly find the things you love, based on recommendations from friends and others you trust. Likewise CEO Ian Morris shared more about the app's purpose, how it works, and how it came to be recommended and used by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Ian also shared a new social experiment launching Friday (November 2) on South Lake Union, where one person will take up residence on a houseboat for two weeks, and live solely off community recommendations on Likewise, delivered by kayak.

Seattleite and former Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan has been chosen to live onboard - now she needs your best recommendations to decide what she does.

Seattlelite Taylor Nolan for LIKEWISE APP

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You can download the app on your IOS or android and get started!

Learn more at Likewise.com