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Join the Mt. St. Helens Institute and "change the world" with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Support The Mount St. Helens Institute's mission to "Advance stewardship of the Earth through science, education, and exploration of volcanic landscapes." #newdaynw

SEATTLE — Back in 1980, ash fell from the Pacific Northwest Sky as Mount St. Helens erupted.  57 people were killed, hundreds of homes destroyed and miles of highway and railway became impassable.

40 years later, the mountain is still talking to us, albeit much quieter.  The lessons we are still learning from the volcano is thanks in part to the Mount St. Helens Institute.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a board member of the Mount St. Helens Institute and says the mission is to celebrate the science and the beauty of volcanic landscapes of volcanoes.

The nonprofit that helps connect people to Mount St. Helens and its history is struggling due to the pandemic.  The shutdowns have caused the Mount St. Helens Institute to cancel much of the programming as well as thier two fundraisers with Bill Nye.  

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According to the website, "with the loss of event and program revenue, our staff is trying to ensure that we have the roots and the seeds to start again after the ashes settle. If you are able, please GIVE to the future of the Mount St. Helens Institute, the next generation of scientists and explorers, and the mountain itself." 

The Outdoor Volcano School is a program that helps bring the volcanic landscape to life to youth.  

Nye was living in Seattle when the mountain erupted and he believes the work the institute does is needed to help young people understand the science of nature. 

The Science Guy and Margaret Larson also talked about the positive effects the lack of crowds due to the shutdowns has had on the air and water.

"...we're seeing what happens if we stop burning fossil fuels. This is an opportunity Dare I say, to change the world!" 

All is not lost, opportunities for individuals and families to learn from the mountain are available virtually.

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