Gardening guru Ciscoe Morris shows us gifts for the mom with the green thumb.

Great Mother's Day Garden Gifts for mom.

If your mom loves to garden, she'll love receiving gifts that will make gardening easier, more fun or gifts that will make the garden more attractive and interesting. Here's some suggestions that mom will like so much, she'll reward you with a Brussels sprouts casserole!

  • Felco pruners: Hand pruners are the most important tool for any gardener. If moms are old and cheap, buy her the Mercedes of pruners. Felcos are made of Swiss steel. They stay sharp and almost never break. They last forever and all parts are replaceable. If her hands are super dinky, buy her number 6. If her hands are normal size, buy her #8 if she's a righty, and # 9 if she's a lefty. Don't forget to give her a holster with it to save her losing them or putting holes in her pockets.
  • Good hand-weeders are a necessity. My favorite overall weeding tool is the 'Diggit Hori-Hori. It works for most everything. If mom has to weed between cracks in walkways a really good weeder is the Alstron.
  • A hummingbird feeder is a must for every garden. There are plenty of spectacularly beautiful ones, but I find the simple ones with perches and the feeding tubes on top to be the best.
  • How about a nice rain gauge? Every area of the Puget Sound gets different amounts of rain. Knowing how much fell on your garden over night can let you know how much, or if you even need to water. Mom will love to love to be the expert when it comes how much water really fell in her neighborhood when she's chatting with her gardening buddies.
  • Local nurseries are bringing in really colorful pots from Mexico. They aren't that expensive (don't tell mom that) and they are super fun and colorful. Mom will have a blast figuring out what to plant in them.
  • Mom will love a nice set of garden chimes. The key to hanging chimes is to put them in a protected spot where they won't drive you out of the patio while enjoying dinner on a day with a gentle breeze. There's something so calming and peaceful of the soft notes if they just make a gentle sound on a breezy day.
  • Finally, surprise the living tweetle out of mom by gifting her with some really fun garden sculpture. Nurseries carry some fun garden sculpture, but I hunt for really unusual pieces at art shows and art in the garden events. Two of the best are Sorticulture on June 9-11 at Legion Memorial Park in Everett, and Arts in the Garden at the Bellevue Botanical Garden on August 26-27.

So surprise the tweetle out of mom with some fun, either practical, or unusual gardener gifts. She'll appreciate all of the thought you put into it, and just think of every thing you put her through, and get her something really special!

Happy Mother's Day!