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A new modest boutique and salon in Seattle helps to accommodate Muslim women 🧕

Barakah Beauty Collective is a one-stop shop for women's beauty needs. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — A new women-only salon and boutique is now open in north Seattle. Barakah Beauty Collective focuses on providing services and clothing for Muslim women, especially those wearing hijabs.

“The focus is on Muslim women, but it's open to all women," explained Barakah Beauty Collective Founder and CEO, Michaela Corning. "So, I just want to make sure that’s super clear." 

Corning started the business as an entrepreneur for her own Muslim wear, Michaela Corning. But as she received input from her community, she founded the Barakah Beauty Collective — which is a collaboration of Corning’s boutique with other women-owned small businesses.

Credit: Gloria Angelin, KING 5
Barakah Beauty Collective small business owners.

“Women who have small businesses in our community, they can do consignment with me, with an emphasis really on handmade,” Corning said. 

Some of the services Barakah Beauty Collective does include braiding, microblading, cupping, hair coloring, and body contouring.

Corning is not only advocating for Muslim women but also giving an identity to American Muslim wear through her brand

“The Hijab I'm wearing right now, this is a very American Muslim vibe," Corning shared. "I mean, it has surfers on it and palm trees."

Credit: Gloria Angelin, KING 5
Michaela Corning's surfers and palm trees hijab.

Other designs Corning does are inspired by American pop culture like the TV show "Saved by the Bell" and MC Hammer Pants

"You can't fit that pattern necessarily with a specific Muslim country, but it is a hijab," Corning added. "That's where people are like, it's American."

Credit: Gloria Angelin, KING 5
Michaela Corning Hijabs: MC Hammer pattern, Lips Pattern, Cherry Pattern, and "Saved By the Bell."

Other things you can expect from Barakah Beauty Collective are seasonal events, workshops, support groups, and market pop-ups.

Barakah Beauty Collective | 540 N.E. Northgate Way Ste. B, Seattle, WA 98125, Phone (206) 618-2444.

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