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How to take care of your makeup in the new year

Bellevue beauty YouTuber Jodi Mannes shares insight on when it's time to think about refreshing your cosmetics. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — Beauty expert and YouTuber Jodi Mannes joined the show to share tips and tricks on how to make specific makeup products last longer and when to throw them away.

Mannes noted that an important factor to knowing when to toss makeup items is the Period After Opening (PAO) Symbol. This is on the label of the product and is standardized in months, which is the time you can use a product after opening it. 

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For oil-based and powder-based foundations, they can be kept for 18 months. For water-based products, they last for a shorter period of time, for 12 months. If you buy a foundation that also includes skin care, such as sunscreen or hyaluronic acid, the skin care will start to break down after 12 months. After that, you've lost the effectiveness of the foundation and the item should be tossed.


Mascara is only good with daily use for three months since our eyelashes have natural bacteria on them. When you are taking the mascara wand and putting it on your eyelashes and back in the tube, more bacteria accumulates. Another important tip Mannes gave is that if you don't hear a "pop" when you take out the wand, throw it out.


Since lipsticks contain a paraben that helps with preservatives, they can last about 18 months. You can extend the life of your lipstick by sealing it properly after you've used it and don't apply it at the table after you've eaten since there is a risk of putting food particles on the product. When the lipstick has a weird smell, that means there is bacteria growing on it, and it should be thrown out. 

Beauty Tools

Clean makeup brushes are a key factor in extending the life of your cosmetics. They should be rinsed out and tapped dry every day. Deep cleaning of the brushes should be done twice a month.

As for makeup sponges, they should be used slightly damp. Then, rinse it off and squeeze out excess water until runs clear. Finally, they should be air-dried somewhere in a dark area. Avoid storing them in heated areas where bacteria can grow.

Nail Polish

Nail polish can last for years, but the only way to tell if it's gone bad is to shake it and let it sit for 5-10 seconds. If the nail polish separates, it needs to be thrown away. 

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