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How to make an Indonesian wellness drink

The turmeric and tamarind drink is tangy and refreshing! #newdyanw

Smoothies and fancy juices are common "wellness" drinks in the United States, but they aren't always the most healthy.

Mette Murdaya, author of "Jamu Lifestyle," has an alternative drink to share with New Day NW made with turmeric and tamarind that comes from the Indonesian herbal medicine tradition Jamu.


Jamu is the herbal-medicine tradition of the Indonesian archipelago. Born from disparate influences brought by traders to this crossroads of Asian commerce, over the centuries jamu has developed into a sophisticated suite of nutritional supplements incorporated into cuisine, beauty rituals, and healing agents, all proven effective by empirical research. But jamu is more than brightly colored powders and tonics. "Jamu Lifestyle" is your gateway to entering a vibrant community devoted to self-care; a joyous and transformational world of wellness.

Watch Amity and New Day producer Gloria Angelin try Jamu!

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