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Be a Virtual Volunteer: How you can take action from home to change the world

The need to recognize, inspire and activate volunteers is greater than ever Join us and be a #LocalLight for Global Volunteer Month. Sponsored by Points of Light.

SEATTLE — Points of Light is a global nonprofit organization that, "Inspires, equips and mobilizes millions of people to take action that changes the world." In light of COVID, Natalye Paquin, Esq.; CEO and President, says the need to recognize, inspire and activate volunteers is greater than ever.

Points of Light has named April 2020 the first-ever "Global Volunteer Month" to recognize people making a difference and to galvanize, inspire and activate people to volunteer and support the most vulnerable populations in the tough weeks and months ahead.  They are calling on nonprofits, corporations and individuals to join them in creating a ‘virtual volunteerism’ movement.

Paquin says, "We must remember that we are a community of millions of points of light joined together by a shared belief that we can make a positive difference. Every action, no matter how small, is significant and can have an impact and change a life."

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