Sometimes simple changes make a world of a difference. Todd Blinn, General Manager of Pacific Bath Company, says there are simple ways to make your shower feel bigger and better than ever.

Blinn recommends one easy way to do this is to remove the bulky bathtub walls and replace them with a lower threshold pan and shower walls. This creates a much larger room to move around.

“We did a big focus group, Kohler did, for years and years on how people shower and all the difference accessories they need,” said Blinn. “One of the cool things we can do is the barre shelf.”

According to Blinn, the shelf holds up to 300 lbs. of pressure. So, everything you might need to shower can be placed on top of it. It also serves as a bar for those who might need a place to hold onto.

These shelves are available in 24 inches, 36 inches, or 54 inches that can be run all along the back wall.

So, you’ve decided you want to update your shower, now what? Pacific Bath can walk you through the process and completely customize it to your needs.

“You call us out, we measure everything, and then when we figure out the size of the existing space, we sit down and we go over your pan,” said Blinn, “we go over the colors, what you currently have inside the shower.”

Blinn says that a built-in shelf can help keep containers and shower accessories off the floor, thus creating more room to move around.

And to update the look of the walls, Pacific Bath offers a tile created from crushed marble infused with fiber-strand reinforcement.

“So, it makes it non-porous,” said Blinn. “So, you get the look and stone feel because it’s 70 percent stone. Plus, it’s non-porous, meaning it’s anti-bacterial.”

The best part, the tile is a complete sheet of coverage in the shower, so there is no grout to keep clean. Instead, there is a powder-coated aluminum edge that is much simpler to wipe down.

Pacific Bath also offers other tile options such as subway tiles, sliding glass doors, pivot doors, walk-in baths, and offers glass treatments to make it water-repellent.

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