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How to make seriously legit pomme frites right at home

Pro-tips on how to make the best possible homemade version from Jim Drohman from Capitol Hill's Café Presse.

SEATTLE — This segment is an encore presentation taped pre-COVID-19. Cafe Presse is currently open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Visit cafepresseseattle.com for info.

Pomme Frites, otherwise known to the American eater as French Fries, are one of the tastiest snacks out there! We're getting pro-tips on how to make the best possible homemade version from Jim Drohman from Capitol Hill's Café Presse.  

Café Presse Recipe for Pomme Frites 


  • Best quality russet potatoes
  • Peanut oil
  • Fine sea salt
  1. Scrub the potatoes with a stiff brush under cold running water to remove any dirt.  Cut the potatoes to desired size without peeling. Rinse the cut potatoes in cold running water until the water runs clear. Soak in cold water to cover for at least 2 hours.
  2. Pour peanut oil into a deep stockpot 4”-5” deep, heat to 320 degrees F. Monitor the temperature with a stem thermometer.
  3. Drain the frites, leave to drain in a colander for 5 minutes.  
  4. Blanch frites in batches, making sure to not crowd as this will lower the oil temperature and effect the finished result. The frites are done when they are cooked through and tender but not at all colored.  Remove from oil with a wire skimmer, shaking off all the oil, then spread on a sheet pan to cool.  Cool in the refrigerator until completely chilled, about 2 hours.
  5. Heat the peanut oil to 350 degrees F. In batches, fry the frites until golden and crispy. Remove with the wire skimmer, drain in a bowl lined with a paper towel. Toss with salt and eat immediately.

Note that the quality of the finished frites depends entirely on the quality of the potatoes, which must be firm and without blemish.  Potatoes that are old or soft will yield frites that are too sweet and dark-colored.  

Even the best frites have a very short crispy life. They should only be fried at the last moment before serving.

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