SEATTLE — From social media usage to exercise routines, breaking bad habits can be a tough task. Even if you've tried multiple times to no avail, you can always give it another shot! 

Dr. Kate Lund, a licensed clinical psychologist, and best-selling author explains the process of breaking a bad habit and how to set goals that will lead you to success. 

  • Understand The Stages of Change according to DiClemente and Prochaska
  • Set SMART goals (Specific, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely)
  • Replace the bad habit with a new one – (i.e. substitute water for soda)
  • Eliminate Triggers – (i.e. If you smoke when you go to certain places – don’t go to those places; don’t keep junk food in the house)
  • Find an accountability buddy – (someone who will keep you accountable for your behavior regarding the change you want to make)
  • Visualize success – Visualize a new you minus the bad habit you are trying to break

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