Mill Creek, Wash. — Hope Creek Charitable Foundation is a non-profit volunteer run organization in Mill Creek, WA whose mission is to serve their community with grace and compassion. “We need that in our society so much,” said Barbara Nowak, volunteer with the organization, “Our goal is to get out in the community and serve.”

That service is provided to the community through the volunteer-operated Mill Creek Community Food Bank, organizing activity programs for Senior Centers, maintaining a community garden, and the Backpacks of Hope program that provides weekend meals to children and their families every week of the school year, as well as “Tail Gate” events that feed hundreds of people.

David Harmon is the Global Director of the Hope Creek Charitable Foundation. When he was 15 years old, he was a runaway living on the streets, “I’ve known what it’s like to look at food knowing it’s going to make you sick, but you’re so hungry you want to eat it, and pulling garbage over you to stay warm.”

Having an experience like that changes your world. David says that his life could have gone a very different path. “Because of the people involved in my life and my family and friends, I was able to make some of the right choices.” That’s what Hope Creek is all about, he says, those relationships, “Helping guide people and transform them regardless of if you’re well to do or not. Everyone could use help, and everyone can still help as well.”

Hope Creek is volunteer run and covers all of Snohomish County. “We love donations,” says Barbara Nowak, “but we love when people can come out an help us. We have a garden people can come weed, and plant seeds, and harvesting to go to the food bank. So if you have kids and want to come weed with us and pick the produce please come.”

If you can’t volunteer, you can contribute financially. “The bodies are what make it happen, but a lot of these things cost money,” says Harmon. Changing oil, repairing fences and water heaters, all of that comes with a monetary cost. 100% of money donated to Hope Creek goes back into the community, says David. There’s no paid staff or overhead.

EVENT INFORMATION: Hope Creek’s 5th Annual, Day of Hope is May 19th & 20th throughout Snohomish County. On these days, over 2000 volunteers come together and complete big and small projects in their communities. Sign up to volunteer or submit a project at

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