Kyra Doubek was able to exit the life of commercial sex exploitation with the help of Seattle's Organization of Prostitution Survivors (OPS). Now, she's not only a survivor of prostitution but she works with OPS to help other women exit the life and get the beneficial services they need.

Kyra and the Director of Survivor Services at OPS, Allison Jurkovich, discuss the complex issue of commercial sex exploitation and how OPS works to to help survivors heal and build community. To learn more about their services, check out their website, click here.

Help support OPS at their next fundraiser, "The Art of Survival," September 21 at the Mount Baker Community Club.

Learn more about OPS's battle to stop commercial sex exploitation in the Pacific Northwest with their partner, Ending Exploitation Collaborative.

Learn about the organization that helped Kyra find housing, Lifewire, click here.