SEATTLE — Summer breakfast and brunch is the perfect time to entertain friends and family.  Registered Dietitian Amy Goodson from Parker's Plate is here with lots of ideas for healthy summer sips, recipes and snacks to keep you going all Summer long:

Watermelon Coolers
Make fresh Watermelon Coolers with LaCroix Curate Kiwi Sandia
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Watermelon Kiwi Cooler

“Every party starts with a good beverage,” says Amy, and brunch is no exception. As a healthy alternative to sodas and sugary juices, Amy recommends LaCroix Sparkling Water.  It’s a light and refreshing beverage and has the same level of hydration as regular water with zero calories, sweetener or sodium.  It comes in 20 flavors, all derived from natural fruit essences and is a perfect base for the Watermelon Kiwi Cooler.  Simply blend fresh watermelon with LaCroix Curate Kiwi Sandia and garnish with fresh Kiwi.  Keep a batch on hand in your cooler to impress any guests who happen to drop by.

Baked chips and veggies with La Victoria Organic Chunky Salsa
Baked chips and veggies with La Victoria Organic Chunky Salsa
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Chips, Veggies, and Salsa 

Snacks should be able to sustain us between meals and Salsa does just the trick. Amy says her “must-have” is the La Victoria Organic Chunky Salsa.  “They’re really a pioneer in the clean eating movement,” says Amy, “Exciting flavors, clean food, they have really fresh ingredients so it makes it a go-to for a snack.”  Pair it with your favorite dippable like baked tortilla chips, cucumbers, veggie straws, or mini peppers for the perfect grab-and-go party tray.  You can find La Victoria Organic Chunky Salsa at your local Safeway or Albertson’s. 

Parker's Plate Breakfast Tacos
Breakfast Tacos with various toppings give guests creativity to create a meal they want to eat.
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Scrambled-Egg Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are perfect for feeding a crowd.  Guests can make their own using various toppings. Different combinations of cilantro, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and more allow for a nutritious and creative breakfast.  Use corn or whole wheat tortillas as an alternative to flour. 

The key to this dish is to have fresh, high-quality eggs, and Amy says Happy Egg organic free-range eggs are some of the best, “I like to say that the Happy Egg hens are the ’freest of the free-range’ because they're able to roam on over eight acres of pasture land which is ten times the amount of normal free-range farms.” She calls them “Farmers Market quality eggs at your local grocery store.” 

Darigold Dairy Products
Use fresh, local, dairy products in recipes.
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Fresh, Local Dairy Products

Amy recommends fresh, local, dairy products for the whole family, “We know that both kids and adults love the creaminess of dairy, and the local dairy milk is one of the freshest things you can find at the grocery store. 48 hours or less from farm to table here in Washington which is huge.”

Dairy Farmers of Washington pride themselves in providing some of the freshest local dairy for milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  Amy says It is recommended to have 3 servings of dairy a day, especially milk for its nine essential nutrients, including protein.

A specific dairy product Goodson recommends is Darigold FIT, “What's great about the FIT product is that its ultra-filtrated milk, which makes it lower in sugar higher in protein and it’s also lactose-free Which makes it ideal for many people.”

For brunch, Amy recommended using Darigold FIT for overnight oats, or “Just pour up a glass.” It’s got 75% more protein and 40% less sugar, and you can find it at lots of local grocery stores like Albertson’s, QFC, and Fred Meyer. 

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