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Using gene science to create personalized wellness programs

ProClub's Personalized Genetic Wellness Programs provides actionable insights to help you reach your health goals. This segment is sponsored by Pro Club.

BELLEVUE, WASH. — Genetic testing can be about more than determining your ancestry. Specific testing directed by a physician can help identify your body’s strengths and weaknesses, leading to better health choices.

This is a service now being offered by Bellevue’s ProClub. Through their Personalized Genetic Wellness Programs, you can work with a physician who can perform the test and offer an expert analysis of the results.

ProClub’s focus is on lifestyle and wellness. They test genes that can help you make decisions about your health care and lifestyle that lead to actionable results.

“So, for example,” says Dr. Gordon Cohen, Chief Medical Officer of Pro Club, “If you know that you have the gene that you are predisposed to gaining weight then you may make certain lifestyle changes associated with that.”

Areas of focus include weight loss, fitness, nutrition, age management, skin care, and behavior.

“We're trying to pick things that are actionable, where we can actually make specific recommendations based on who you are, and what your genetic make-up is.”

Behaviorally, people experience things like depression and anxiety and may not understand where these feelings are coming from. In many cases these behaviors are genetically predetermined.

“Our genes are only our predisposition. There are things that you can do about it, which is why it's important to test. Then you can make decisions, whether it's to work with a counselor, or make certain lifestyle changes.”

The test is a simple process. The doctor uses a cheek swab, like what you would do for a throat culture. Two weeks later the results are returned, and one of the health care providers at ProClub goes over the results and interprets them for you.

“We can actually tell you what you can do. We can make actionable recommendations so that you can make changes in your behavior, changes in your lifestyle, to help you be successful at whatever it is your being tested for.”

Whether that be a nutrition program, fitness program, or a skin care program, it’s focused specifically on you.

"It's all about personalized care. We're doing everything possible to give people the most personalized recommendations that we can.”

You can find more information on ProClub and their Personalized Genetic Wellness Programs on the website. Contact their Bellevue location for more information (425) 376-3333 or email genetics@proclub.com.

Dr. Gordon Cohen is the Chief Medical Officer of Pro Club. He was also Professor and Vice-Chair of Surgery, the Julien I.E. Hoffman Endowed Chair of Cardiac Surgery, and the Chief of the Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine. He was also named to the list of the U.S. News and World Report's "Top Doctors".

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