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How to plant tulip bulbs now for beautiful blooms in the spring!

Our favorite gardening expert Ciscoe Morris shows us how to plant tulip bulbs 🌷 and keep pesky squirrels away from them! 🐿️ #newdaynw

It’s easy and fun to plant spring blooming bulbs in winter containers. Begin with a frost proof pot that is at least 9 in. deep. Place the bulbs on a 3 in. base of soil after mixing in the appropriate amount of bulb food. I think Empress and Darwin tulips put on the best show. They're big and colorful. Cram in as many bulbs as possible, but don't allow them to touch each other or the side of the pot. Some bulbs, such as tulips, have one side that's flatter than the other. Plant the flat side toward the side of the pot to cause the foliage to grow outward rather than crowding the center. Mix and match color, but try to find bulbs that bloom at the same time. Cover the bulbs with soil, and plant a few fun winter flowering plants such as pansies to add color in winter. Make sure there is space between the root balls and along the side of the container to allow the tulips to slip through. Remember the pot must stay out in the cold all winter long.

I like to put the pot out by the front door so friends and neighbors get to enjoy the show when they come to visit. That will also help protect the tulip bulbs from hungry squirrels. They don't tend to like to risk coming all the way up to the front door. Otherwise, cover the pot with some kind of deterrent such as circular plant staking grids. Squirrels usually go after spring blooming bulbs soon after you plant them, so remember to remove the circular grids once squirrels have given up on bothering your bulb filled planter.

Finally, although it might be possible to store the tulips after they die back next spring, it's probably better to buy new ones and start over with fresh soil and bulbs next fall.

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