SEATTLE — Whether you're looking for things to do with younger kids once school starts, or want activities to help older kids unwind after school that doesn't involve a TV or device, mom-blogger Susie Allison from Busy Toddler has plenty of ideas that are fun, interactive, and even a little bit educational.

Today's Projects: 

  • Frozen Paint 
  • The Rainbow Rice sensory bin, "The colors just pop and it's a must-see, must-try - especially since these are ingredients most everyone has at home already"
  • Hidden Colors is one of Busy Toddler's most popular activities and videos on Facebook. "Take a muffin tin, drop-in food coloring, and spoon baking soda on top to hide the color. When the child squirts it with vinegar, they get a surprise - who knows what color it will be?!"
  • Bubble Foam, "We take a hand mixer and whisk bubble bath with water to make an amazing foam. It's unlike anything else and takes just seconds to whip up" 
  • Oobleck, "Mix corn starch plus water to make a non-newtonian substance that's part solid, part liquid, completely messy and completely awesome."

You can check out all the projects in Busy Toddler's Story Highlight on Instagram.

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