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Flying bats and out of this world ghosts: DIY projects to get your yard looking spooky!

Handyman Huffines shows us how to make ghosts from human shapes and packing tape. Plus bat lanterns that give your yard that creepy glow. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — It's the spookiest time of year, even for handymen!

No matter what he's making, we always learn something when Handyman Huffines stops by. He joined us to share how to make some DIY Halloween decorations!

Bat Paper Lanterns!

Made with Ikea paper lanterns and tissue paper!

1. Cut bats out of tissue paper.
2. Mix Elmers Glue and water for glue solution.
3. Apply a light coat of glue solution to the lantern where you will place the bat.
4. Place bat in desired spot.
5. Brush the glue solution over the bat.
6. Repeat to add as many bats as needed.
7. Once dry all dark spots will go away.
8. Enjoy your new Halloween lantern!

Out of this world ghost!

Make a ghost out of packing tape!

1. Wrap small sections of your ghost model with plastic wrap.
2. Then cover small sections with clear packing tape.
3. Once all the plastic wrap is covered, carefully cut out your model.
4. Once removed, tape joints back together.
5. Repeat to take a mold of the next adjacent area.
6. Then tape all of the sections together to make a large ghost like sculpture.
7. Once complete you can hang from a tree. Or stake to the ground.
8. You can light them up and freak out your neighbors!

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