Explore your academic future with Washington Technology University!

Curious about how to take your education further? Dr. Steven Olswang chats about the need for technology education, the academic structure of the program offered, the advantage of attending the university, and more.

Washington Technology University's (WTU) biggest goal is to give an education needed to obtain jobs in fields where jobs are open. The university was approved by the state at the end of October 2017, and officially began classes on January 8.

Dr. Olswang revealed that the Washington technology industry creates about 20,000 new jobs a year that require bachelors degrees, but the wide majority of the jobs are taken by those who obtained their degree outside of the state. Even with our great state and private universities that offer Bachelors degrees in tech fields, they make up less than 10% of the workforce.

"While we have terrific education in this state," Dr. Olswang said, "the reality is there's a gap particularly between those students who go to community college to get their associate degree and their opportunity to move on to their bachelor."

WTU is essentially the equivalent of moving on from an associate degree to a bachelors degree -- it is a degree-completion program. They have partnered with the Washington Technology Industry Association to get tech industry advisors to help create and affirm their programs match current employment needs and trends.

Being housed in Bellevue, the program is a huge benefit to both those students who are undereducated and/or underemployed and want to stay here where they grew up. The programs provide the opportunity to gain knowledge and eventually high paying positions in local companies.

It can be difficult for students to move on to a bigger university after community college because of affordability and time. WTU's program allows you to obtain a bachelors degree with 18 consecutive courses at one course per month. Students can focus on one subject at a time, but the courses are sequential and build upon prior knowledge from earlier courses.

Additionally, instead of waiting for new quarters or semesters to begin, WTU introduces a new cohort every month. Students are able to start their education on their own time. Courses are scheduled in the mornings, afternoons and early evenings -- recognizing that students may have work or other personal obligations that also need to be met.

With the Founder's Scholarship, the cost for 18 months is $18,000. There are no hidden fees as books and labs are already included in tuition.


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