SEATTLE — With auto-correct on our phones and word processors on our computers, you may find your grammar skills have become a bit rusty!

Erica Meltzer, author of How To Write For Class: A Student's Guide To Grammar, Punctuation, and Style, still believes it's important to use proper grammar!

She shared a few of the most common grammar mistakes she sees:

  1. It’s = it is. If you’re not sure whether you need the apostrophe, plug in “it is.”
  2. Semicolon = period. A semicolon just implies a closer connection between two sentences.
  3. Me vs. I, He vs. Him, etc. What goes for singular goes for plural. If you’re not sure, cross out one of the pronouns and test the singular version. You wouldn’t say, “Me went to the store,” so “Me and my brother went to the store is also wrong.”
  4. i.e. = in other words; e.g. = for example
  5. Only capitalize professions if they’re part of a title: “I saw the doctor today” vs. “I saw Doctor Smith today.”

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