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Using the Enneagram for self-discovery

Amity spoke with Enneagram expert Ian Morgan Cron to learn about the nine types, what they mean, and how to use them to lead a more intentional life. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that's gained more popularity in recent years. Each of the nine personality types is defined by a particular core belief:

TYPE ONE: The Perfectionist — Ethical, dedicated, and reliable. They are motivated by a desire to live the right way, improve the world, and avoid fault and blame.

TYPE TWO: The Helper — Warm, caring, and giving. They are motivated by a need to be loved and needed, and to avoid acknowledging their own needs.

TYPE THREE: The Performer — Success-oriented, image-conscious, and wired for productivity. They are motivated by a need to be (or appear to be) successful and to avoid failure.

TYPE FOUR: The Romantic — Creative, sensitive, and moody. They are motivated by a need to be understood, experience their oversized feelings, and avoid being ordinary.

TYPE FIVE: The Investigator — Analytical, detached, and private. They are motivated by a need to gain knowledge, conserve energy and avoid relying on others.

TYPE SIX: The Loyalist — Committed, practical and witty. They are worst-case scenario thinkers who are motivated by fear and the need for security.

TYPE SEVEN: The Enthusiast — Fun, spontaneous and adventurous, they are motivated by a need to be happy, to plan stimulating experiences, and to avoid pain.

TYPE EIGHT: The Challenger — Commanding, intense and confrontational, they are motivated by a need to be strong and avoid feeling weak or vulnerable.

TYPE NINE: The Peacemaker — Pleasant, laid back, and accommodating, they are motivated by a need to keep the peace, merge with others and avoid conflict.

Bestselling author Ian Morgan Cron came across the Enneagram system while studying to become a psychotherapist. He took a trip into the mountains of Colorado to take a break and made a life-changing discovery.

"I stayed in a monastery and I was in their library and I happened upon a book called "The Enneagram." I just picked it up and I couldn't stop reading it because I found it to be so enlightening," Cron said. "And I kept thinking to myself, 'Where has this been in my curriculum?' because it's so accessible and it's something you can act upon immediately. And you don't need a Master's degree or a Ph.D. in psychology to understand it".

He believes that we can use insight into our Enneagram type to live more intentionally.

Although this is an old system, it's gaining momentum in the 21st century. Cron was recently interviewed by one of the largest online dating apps in the world.

"They said in recent months, there's been a 35% uptick in people asking about everyone else's Enneagram numbers," he said with a chuckle.

Cron's latest book, "The Story of You," breaks new ground with the Enneagram. It talks about how the false narratives we have as kids can mess with us as adults, and the importance of re-writing our own narrative.

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